The pickguard that comes with the Rickenbacker 325C58 is a little larger/longer than the original factory part on John Lennon's 1958 325.  Thus the the top end of the pickguard close to the neck pickup is at a different spot from Lennon's and the location of the installing screw closeby is also slightly off.  See the photos for details.

※修正した部品は、メーカーに敬意を払い、自分のギターに搭載し個人で視覚的に楽しむためだけのものです。The modified parts are strictly for my own personal visual enjoyment in respect for the manufacturer.

■Burns Knobs/バーンズ・ノブ


John Lennon changed the knobs on his 325 a few times before finally installing a set of Burns knobs from the U.K.  I insalled repro Burns knobs that a friend of mine in the U.S. produced.

■Bowtie Bridge/蝶タイブリッジ

ハンブルグでリッケンバッカー325を手に入れたジョン・レノンは、リバプールに戻るとすぐ、搭載されていたKauffman VibrolaをビグスビーB5に交換します。その際、リッケンバッカー純正ブリッジも、B5に付属していた蝶タイブリッジに変えています。それと同じ50年代後半〜60年代初頭の蝶タイブリッジをeBayで手に入れて、325C58に取り付けました。現行品と大きく形状が違います。(B5については次のページで)

Shortly after returning home to Liverpool from Hamburg with the newly purchased Rickenbacker 325, John Lennon replaced the Kauffman Vibrola with a Bigsby B5.  He also replaced the original factory bridge with a Sorkin Bowtie bridge that came with the B5.  I found a Bowtie bridge from the late 50’s/early 60’s at eBay, which is totally different in shape from the current model.  (More on the B5 on the next page)