■Miniature 325/ミニチュア325

Meet the little Rickenbacker 325 that I handcrafted from scratch.  You can't play it, though.

  • Body and neck: wood
  • Pickguard and logo plate: clear plastic plate
  • Metal parts: aluminum ribbons
  • Position marks: aluminum ribbons
  • Tuners: aluminum ribbon and pins
  • Frets: core of a power cord
  • Knobs: toothpicks
  • Guitar stand: toothpicks

  • ■Beatle Guitars/ビートルズ・ギター

    Four John Lennon guitars from my collection.

  • Rickenbacker 325C58
  • Rickenbacker 325C64
  • 1962 Gibson J-160E (same year as Lennon's)
  • 1965 Epiphone Casino (same year as Lennon's)

  • ■High Resolution Photos/高解像度写真

    Rickenbacker 325C58
    Portrait/縦写真: 1800x3200
    Landscape/横写真: 3200x1800

    Rickenbacker 325C64
    Portrait/縦写真: 1800x3200
    Landscape/横写真: 3200x1800